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FRINGS® Forceps and the surgical instruments from TBS have changed the way I approach dental procedures. Their relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in the design and quality of their instruments and they are a true joy to work with! Forged out of passion, TBS instruments are a luxurious product line that is synchronous with excellence and the best in class this industry has to offer.

Neal Patel:Powell, OH

The extremely innovative spring-loaded extraction forceps, FRINGS®, and the entire line of INOX instruments offered by TBS are a huge evolutionary enhancement that all dentists should appreciate and that I highly recommend.

Scott D. Ganz: Fort Lee, New Jersey

TBS quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. FRINGS® are a game changer! Once you pick them up you won't want to put them down. I highly recommend TBS products and continue to use them in my practice daily.

Isaac D. Tawil: Brooklyn, New York

FRINGS® truly are revolutionary in their simplicity and efficiency. The sleek design, lightweight feel and incredible array associated to their grip and of course the “kick-back” action, have made them one of the most beloved instruments at White Clinic.

Miguel Stanley: Lisbon, Portugal

FRINGS® forceps is one product I particularly have come to like the past year. Since my job requires lots of extractions every day, the FRINGS® forceps have made this job easier, because of a never seen before auto retractable technology, they give far less stress on my hands during extractions.

Irfan Abas: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

FRINGS® provide an optimal grip around the tooth and root, without the need of applying any force, which results in better ease of controlling smooth movements to dislocate the desired root/tooth. It’s unbelievable until you’ll give it a try!

Achraf Souayah: Tunisia

The presence of this simple spring, takes extraction forceps to a different dimension. This has changed my everyday life. So now, with FRINGS® I can do my extractions in a very nice, simple and pleasant mode.

Mitsias Miltiadis: Athens, Greece

Toolset Engineered for Growth

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Premium Products for Better Dentistry

A Complete Dental Toolset Engineered for Growth

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Toolset Engineered for Growth

Premium Products for Better Dentistry A Complete Dental

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