Dr. Miguel Stanley

Dr. Stanley graduated as a DDS in 1998 and is a trained professional in implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry. For the last nine years, he has dedicated ...

... most of his time to complex full mouth rehabilitation. His philosophy is simple, calling it “No half smiles.” His treatment plan is a straight-forward 3-step process: full mouth diagnosis, planning, execution. His team of skilled doctors and staff have taken many complex cases for over a decade.

Dr. Stanley has written numerous articles, a book on health, produced seven makeover TV shows and is a regular guest on the CBS hit show, “The Doctors.” He has lectured all over the world and is currently passionate about his new philosophy, “Invisible Dentistry.” He is the founder and CEO of White Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal and works alongside a large team of dedicated specialists that help him fulfill his passion for beautiful smiles.