Dr. Neal Patel

Dr. Neal Patel is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned degrees in both molecular genetics and dentistry...

He pursued higher education in Esthetics and Biomimetic Dentistry in Como, Italy, putting his immense knowledge of dentistry and artistic talents together to become an emerging force in reconstructive dental surgery. Dr. Patel has been widely published and featured in numerous clinical publications on advanced treatment techniques and business strategies.

What sets Dr. Neal Patel apart is his keen knowledge and expertise of the advanced and complex technologies in the dental field. He currently runs his private practice, Infinite Smiles, in Powell, Ohio, which is equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art technology, taking modern dentistry in the United States to unimaginable heights. He has since not only been a successful dentist, but also an exceptional educator around the world, sharing his knowledge and expertise of dental techniques and revolutionary technology with dental professionals everywhere. His vision of developing and maximizing the use of technology and highly engineered products in a dental practice goes well beyond providing a mere satisfactory experience to his customers, and his cutting edge facility is a prime example of that. 

A strong advocate of revolutionizing dental industry, Dr. Neal Patel is an avid supporter of TBS Dental’s instruments and the face behind the Patel FRINGS®.