Dental Implant Kits: Types and Uses!

Did your dental surgeon break the news that you need dental implantation? And you're now overwhelmed because of preferences.

A dental implant is an artificial structure that a dental surgeon replaces a missing tooth with a custom-made tooth. A professional dentist inserts an implant into the jawbone, acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth. Additionally, implants can also enhance the fixation or removable dentures on edentulous jaws.

Numerous types of dental implants in the market, which structures mainly differ in size, as well as in design and external coating. These implants are made from biocompatible materials, including medical titanium and alloy of titanium and zirconium dioxide, and ceramics.

However, for performing or installing the implants, different types of dental implant kits, featured with appropriate tools, are required to complete the implantation process. These instruments are durable, lightweight, and provide a full guarantee of effective results. As a result, the patients always receive safe and full coveted results. Many dental clinics like TBS dental clinic, are giving preference to high-quality steel dental instruments for successfully implementing teeth and jaw surgery.

Here, we are going to mention the types and uses of dental implant kits. So, let’s have a look:

Types of Dental Implant Kits

Oral and dental surgery isn't possible without effective tools and instruments. All surgical kits are requisite for a smooth and predictable implant replacement procedure. By having all the necessary instruments and supplies before treatment begins, the dental surgeon can unobstructedly focus on executing the implant restoration with the appreciative result. The requirements of appropriate surgical instruments can vary under clinician experience and the manufacturer recommendations for installing the implantation.

On top of that, picking a hygienic and safest dental instrument kit for implantation is a reliable action in developing long-lasting results. All well-designed tools end up providing extreme comfort and greater efficiency. When you use several dental implant tools together, dentists can do anything from split to reshape or remove teeth or bone. With innovative, high-quality designs that are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards, TBS dental is a top-most choice for a number of dentists.

If you are looking for surgical tools, here are the following extensive range of instruments for you to pick:

Bone Grafting Kit with Cassette (9 Pack)

Bone Grafting Kit with Cassette (9 Pack)

The Bone Grafting Kit  is composed of proficient instruments, designed for successfully completing the grafting procedure. The kit includes all the effective sterilization instruments for fixing the bone grafts. It holds a cassette for convenient and effective storage and sterilization of instruments. The kit also includes various types of instruments - Perforated Periosteal Elevator, Tissue Retractor, Bone Packer/Plugger, Bone Grafting Syringe (3 mm), Mini Surgery Bowl, Bone Scooper/Packer, Tissue Forceps, Perry Forceps, Molt 2/4 and Cassette.

Elvatome® Kit (5 Pack)

Elvatome® Kit (5 Pack)

Elvatome® is an intersection between an elevator and a Periotome. The main objective of an Elvatome® kit is to cut the periodontal ligament in non-invasive extraction. It has the strong durability of an elevator, but the sharpness and precision of a Periotome. The kit equips with various instruments, including Straight elvatome®, Mesially Angled elvatome®, Distally Angled elvatome®, Left Spade elvatome®, Right Spade elvatome® and Cassette.

Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

The Gold Surgical Kit holds 21 dental instruments that enable the professionals to adequately and conveniently manage, handle and sterilize the surgical tools. Its gold cassette is a reliable choice for all dental surgeons.

Periotome Kit (5 Pack)

Periotome Kit (5 Pack)

Periotome kit is used for removing the periodontal ligament and guaranteeing a safe procedure in the extraction of the tooth. Titanium alloy serrated blade for accurate cutting. The serrated nib is more solid and smoother, which secures endurance. The lightweight handle decreases hand fatigue and enhances control. The kit includes Straight Periotome, Angled Periotome, Reversed Periotome, Concave Periotome, Serrated Curette, Cassette.

Benefits of Dental Implant Kits

Patients can achieve various benefits through dental implants kits in several ways. Let’s have a look at those:

Enhanced Usability

Dental implant kits offer assuring convenience while removable dentures and placing new structures.

Increase Level of Oral Health

A dental implantation procedure includes augmentation of the surrounding bone and soft tissue. Through high-quality instruments, it becomes easy to eliminate.

Improved Speech and Chewing

Dental implants are embedded in the bone. While implementing the implants through tools, these tools eliminate the inconvenience during the procedure.

Who is Dental Implantation Suitable For?

Well, every first consideration of a dental surgeon is patient health and safety, plus managing them in a careful manner. And, dental implantation is necessary for patients suffering from different oral hygiene problems. In addition, it is suitable for people who generally want to replace their tooth with an artificial structure.

But, the suitability of implantation depends on the factors like overall oral hygiene and the number of teeth to be replaced. The treatment will suit best on adults and adolescents over the age of 18. In some cases, braces are also considered a reliable option for filling the gap between teeth. But before performing the implantation or adjusting the braces, the dentist will ask all relevant questions regarding the patient's medical history.


Overall Takeaway

A dental surgeon will explain in detail the oral health problem if any individual patient is experiencing it. Through appropriate dental implant care procedures, they complete the treatment successfully because they use high-quality tools and equipment.

All our extensive range of dental surgical kits make the entire procedure speedy and comfortable. These products are designed to endure for delivering the best results. We have mentioned some of our top and reliable dental implants kits above. If you want to buy for your dental clinic, you can give us a call.

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