Elvatome plays an important role in oral surgical procedures. This is the cross of the periotome and elevator. The elevator works as its strength whereas the accuracy and precision are assured by periotome.

It is used for many purposes, such as mobilizing teeth, gingiva or mucoperiosteum reflection, removal of roots of teeth. Additionally, dental elevators are necessary for successful individual dentists and dental practices. Many prefer it to loosen the strong teeth before applying forceps application for extracting the tooth from the socket. Besides, this tool also cuts the periodontal ligament while atraumatic extraction.

Extensive range of Elvatome Options

Many dentists require or prefer to use various types of Elvatome for tooth extraction. When you need to use the best quality elevators at preferential prices, you can trust TBSDental. We have many dental elevator types in our inventory, like:

  • Distally Angled Elvatome®
  • Elvatome® Kit (5 Pack)
  • Left Spade Elvatome®
  • Mesially Angled Elvatome®
  • Right Spade Elvatome®
  • Straight Elvatome®
When Dental Elevators are required?
  • Dentists need them in the early step of tooth extraction, such as for the reflection of Gingiva or mucoperiosteal membrane around the tooth for extraction.
  • For smoothly cutting the ligaments, effectively extract the teeth, and completely preserve the socket, a Proximator is used. It cuts the ligaments in the periodontal space, periodontal fibers and produces lateral expansion of the alveolar bone. This basically lessens the potential damage in the process of dental surgery.
  • Loosen or Luxate the teeth before using the Forceps for removing using Luxators.
  • Extract or luxate teeth that cannot be joined or hard to move with Forceps-crowded/overlapping teeth impacted teeth.
  • Removal and luxation of fractures and cavities under the gums that are difficult to grasp with forceps.
  • For splitting the teeth in the groove for removing the tooth in two parts.
How Extraction Elevators are beneficial?

In the past few years, the process of tooth extraction has been very uncomfortable and challenging. However, because of the new devices and techniques, oral surgeons can perform the extraction of teeth conveniently for patients-and the dental elevator is an important part of it.

The Luxators and Proximators are also essential tools that help to loosen the teeth, remove affected teeth or extract roots, and make the extraction process faster.

Compare our dental equipment and know the difference

We are pleased to provide the highest quality dental equipment, which implies we guarantee their durability. We use long-lasting stainless steel to manufacture the dental elevators, and each instrument is handcrafted to show the highest precision and accuracy. Quality is the common denominator of all our elevators and different dental products.

The best work can be performed when you have a suitable dental elevator option. At TBSDental, we provide the best tools in the market at an affordable rate. When you browse our website, you will check our easily navigable interface that is basically to streamline your buying process. Check out the dental elevator options on this web page and contact us to have expert guidance while considering the option.