Frings is exceptional forceps with springs. They provide a spring tool that enables the forceps to retract automatically without using fingers for opening the forceps. They also use an ergonomic grip designed to give the best treatment results. Frings is the only forceps including an internal spring in the world. The internal spring has an unpatented automatic telescoping technology.

They are all made of German stainless steel with persistence, two-tone enrolled titanium coating, and a lifetime guarantee. Frings can provide a variety of optimal beak designs to achieve high precision and high performance-lessening the risk of tooth fracture. The design of the beak covers anterior teeth, upper incisors, upper molars, premolars, lower molars, special horns, and root forceps for lower molars.

Our collection of Frings dental instruments

Whether you require some replacement tools or a full set of dental surgical instruments, we can easily and quickly find the ideal instrument at a reasonable price. Our comprehensive list includes:

  • 10 Rongeur FRINGS® REGULAR 
  • 150 FRINGS
  • 23 Cowhorn FRINGS
  • 45 Roots FRINGS
  • 51 Roots FRINGS
  • 67 FRINGS
  • 79 FRINGS
  • 90 Rongeur FRINGS
  • Apical FRINGS
  • Beveled Ash FRINGS
  • Crown Removing FRINGS
  • Ganz FRINGS
  • Patel Modified 23 FRINGS
  • Standard FRINGS
  • Tawil 151 FRINGS
Extract Teeth Easily and Safely 

The correct extraction forceps can hold the tooth firmly and ensure the safety of the surrounding area. In the surgical extraction method, after separating the attached ligaments, the tool will extract the tooth. We have designed dental extracting forceps to provide you with reliable access and grip. Our dental extraction equipment keeps the teeth intact while the teeth are being extracted. Oral surgical rongeurs enable you to cut tissues and bones effectively and cleanly while extracting forceps. These pliers-like tools are necessary for any oral surgery clinic-they should be kept as hygienic and strong as possible. Hence, we manufacture Frings dental instruments to adhere to the highest quality standards. TBS Dental has 10 Rongeur FRING, 90 Rongeur FRINGS that are used for recontouring and trimming alveolar bone and gross tissue removal in oral maxillofacial surgery. The internal spring-loaded hinge does not require fingers to open it for a better ergonomic experience.

The TBSDental Promise

To keep up our TBS Dental Promise, we ensure that our dental and surgical instruments will surpass your expectations by means of performance and quality. Know-how our dental instruments are different, they are:

  • Improved long beaks for better use
  • Soft, yet firm grip on crowns
  • Margin fracture on less risk
  • Lessens tissue pinching
Know more about the Best range of Forceps

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