Dental surgical kits and instruments

Millions of dental surgeons around the world value and rely on dental surgery kits. TBS Dental’s superior dental kit instruments have fixed the standard in dental and surgical procedures. We develop and manufacture the dental instrument kit according to strict quality specifications, from the adoption of corrosion-resistant chrome steel to manufacturing and heat treatment, finishing and ultimate inspection. Our products satisfy the requirements of user-oriented functions, quick processing and excellent quality.

Benefits of Dental Surgery Kit

Dental surgery is a method involving teeth and jaw surgery. Hence, it is important to use the best surgical kits for performing it safely and easily. There is a whole system in all kits, which indicates that the dentist has almost all the special equipment required to complete the implantation system.

Get the Right Dental Instrument Kit

Our collection of kits covers uniform high-quality steel dental instruments, all tools are carefully manufactured and cared for. TBD dental instruments are durable. lightweight, and provide a full guarantee. We give the best dental tool kit for the best care.

Even if you are starting to practice and build a toolset, or like to make some upgrades, our dental instrument kit can meet your requirements. The kit package includes the correct tools for inspection and a series of procedures. Our handcrafted kits are built of high-quality stainless steel and backed by our commitment to our customers.

Our Collection of Dental Surgery Kit

Oral surgery is a thorough procedure that needs many essential tools to succeed. Considering that, backed by long-term quality assurance, we provide various dental instrument kits at affordable prices. If you are looking for a particular surgical instrument, then we are here to provide you with an extensive range of tools for you to purchase, such as:

Bone Grafting Kit with Cassette (9 Pack)

The bone Grafting Kit is specially designed for the placement of bone grafts. It has a box for convenient and effective sterilization and storage of instruments. The Bone Grafting Kit is uniquely designed for use in bone grafting placements. It includes a cassette for a convenient and effective way to sterilize and store instruments.

Elvatome® Kit (5 Pack)

Elvatome® is the intersection between the periotome and elevator. The main aim is to cut the periodontal ligament in non-invasive extraction. It has the durability of an elevator, however the precision and sharpness of a periotome.

Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

The dental surgical kit with gold cassette enables dental professionals to effectively and conveniently collect, maintain and sterilize the surgical tools.

Periotome Kit (5 Pack)

Periotomes are used for extracting the periodontal ligament and assuring safe process. Titanium alloy serrated blade for well-defined cutting. The serrated nib is harder and smoother, which assured durability. The lightweight handle lessens hand fatigue and enhances control.

Handle dental surgeries successfully with surgery dental instruments by TBS Dental

Use our extensive range of dental surgical kits to make the overall process fast and convenient. Though, at the same time, you can save your time and money. We guarantee that our products are designed to endure and to satisfy the best. Do you have any query? Contact us now, we assure you that we will assist you in less time!