Serrated Surgical Curette

Oral surgery curettes are sharpened, usually spoon-shaped, and removes the infected cavity areas. The best type of curette relies on the state of the alveolar and the position of the cavity. Curettes have many uses, including killing unwanted debris, cysts or tissue from the alveolar, liquidating subgingival stones in periodontal surgery, and transplanting bone grafts.

Prime quality Serrated Surgical Curette

We are known for providing high-quality tools and customer service in the dental surgical business. In addition, we have invested a lot of time and energy in designing and manufacturing processes to meet industry standards. Our aim is to provide you with a serrated surgical curette with excellent grip strength, convenience and precision to make you confident in every treatment or surgery. Give your best shot with peace of mind.


We use only the most durable materials to design and manufacture high-quality stainless steel dental instruments. Most of our dental instruments are handmade to assure better accuracy and precision.

Economical rates

As we manufacture and wholesale our own products, we provide affordable prices than our competitors.

TBS Dental Promise

We support all instruments and assure that they will be durable and guarantee to meet the requirements. TBS Dental understands the customer's requirements and creates enduring products and strives to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

Our Surgical Curette Options

Each oral surgeon has different demands for their oral surgical curette. The single-ended option is equipped with a lightweight octagonal handle to develop more comfort and precision.

If you prefer a serrated surgical curette from TBS Dental, you can leverage it from a cup-shaped spoon for effective debridement. The double-headed spoons have an ergonomic hollow handle to increase the comfort in the surgery and give better service to all patients. We provide a comprehensive range of surgical curettes:

  • Miller 10 (Small)
  • Miller 11 (Medium)
  • Miller 12 (Large)
  • Miller 9 (Mini)
  • Periotome Kit (5 Pack)

The above-mentioned miller has a Small Surgical Curette with precise titanium coating and serrations for scraping, removing granular tissue and tooth socket debridement. As they have a lightweight, textured handle, so it improves control and lessens hand fatigue.

Additional Information
The serrated surgical curette has the below characteristics :
  • The proper cutting is fixed by toothing, which behaves as a "saw" to cut and remove. Serrated curettes are sharper as compared to standard curettes and can be used for invasive applications, which allows them to work on harder fabrics and better scrape alveoli.
  • As contrasted with other curettes, serrated surgical curettes are simple to keep and sharpen.
  • Includes an ergonomic handle to grip it better
Serrated curettes are available in different sizes :
  • Miller 10 (Small) of Spoon Size - 3 mm
  • Miller 11 (Medium) of Spoon Size - 3 mm
  • Miller 11 (Large) of Spoon Size - 4 mm
Assured quality with TBS Dental

TBS Dental keeps certain goals and the best quality in mind when creating products. To satisfy customers, Surgical Curette is double-checked to ensure that they have sound hygiene and better performance.