TBS Dental is thrilled and excited to finally unveil our newest product with you – the first line of defense in reducing airborne bacterial contamination, shieldVAC™. With growing concern over Covid-19 and aerosol contamination in the profession of dentistry,shieldVAC will act as the first barrier between the patient and the practitioner. The shields allow for protection as well as maximum visibility, while utilizing existing HVE suction to help capture up to 95% of dental aerosols and splatter generated from dental procedures.

With thorough research and assistance of our fellow KOL’s in dentistry, we’ve developed and perfected our design, made to easily retrofit any operatory chair and maximize space with its unique bendable arm. As offices begin to reopen around the world, we hope that this will provide the confidence and peace-of-mind that your patients and staff expect.

ShieldVAC is now available to pre-order with expected ship-dates in mid June as our production is underway.

Please visit shieldVAC.com to learn more and order now due to our limited supply.

Stay safe and stay healthy!