Our Story

TBS originated 30 years ago, with merely a small team selling quality dental products at an affordable price to dentists across North America. Over the years, with its vast manufacturing and distribution experience, the company has transformed into a powerhouse of innovation and excellence.

With thorough research and development and an intent of modernization under way, TBS has designed a number of high quality dental instruments, with its prominent invention being FRINGS® – forceps with spring. Being the first and only company in the world to have formulated forceps with an internal spring with auto retractable technology, TBS has set a new standard of revolutionary instruments with optimal performance in the dental industry.

Today, TBS has reached dentists internationally, garnering KOL’s and clientele throughout the world. With its team now expanded to 500+ individuals, TBS hopes to continue on to the path of advancement, while creating superior and groundbreaking dental instruments.