Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)


Surgical Kit with Cassette (21 Pack) Comprehensive surgical kit with 21 unique and innovative instruments in an exclusive gold sterilizable cassette.

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TBS offers the most streamlined kits designed with the dentist and staff’s needs in mind. Our kits allow dental professionals to conveniently and effectively store, manage and sterilize their surgical instruments.

TBS kits hold all essential and unique instruments intended for specific dental procedures, providing a less time consuming and more efficient experience.

Gold Surgical Kit includes one of each:

Castro X Needle Holder, Castro X Scissors, Straight Elvatome, Angled Periotome, PUSH Scalpel Handle, Small Serrated Curette, Mini Serrated Curette, Prichard Tissue Retractor, Perforated Periosteal Elevator, Molt 2/4, Bone Scooper, Serrated Bone Packer, Perry Tissue Forceps, 1×2 Adson Tissue Forceps, Straight Scissors, Mayo Needle Driver, Minnesota Retractor, Implant Probe, Mirror Handle w/ Ruler, Aspirating Syringe, Surgery Bowl with Gold Sterilizable Cassette.