Straight Spade Elvatome


Ideal for premolar to premolar in the upper or lower arch.

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Elvatomes combine the sharpness and precision of a periotome with the strength of a luxating elevator. The spade shaped tips feature a fine, sharp point ideal for entering tight spaces and cutting the periodontal ligament. Once inserted, push and twist/luxate to incise the fibers.

In many cases, the root can be loosened sufficiently for significantly easier atraumatic extractions. Each Elvatome is crafted from a single rod of 100% German steel to provide optimal strength and longevity, with multiple angles to access the entire mouth.

All elvatomes come with 4 revolutionary features:

  1. Concave sharp blade is designed to effectively enter tight spaces and sever the periodontal ligament while expanding the alveolar bone following the root tip.
  2. Designed with single rod construction to provide maximum strength and longevity.
  3. The shark handle helps facilitate a controlled push-and-twist motion for apical progression.
  4. The stainless steel stabilizer ball acts as a counterweight and allows the elvatome to be perfectly balanced while applying apical force.