Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)


Complete surgical setup of 21 instruments in our exclusive gold sterilizable cassette. The most convenient and effective way to store, manage and sterilize your surgical instruments. This Surgical Kit is safe for sterilization. Kit includes: 1 Minnesota retractor, 1 implant probe, 1 mirror handle, 1 surgical bowl, 1 sinus plugger, 1 small serrated curette, 1 micro-serrated curette, 1 angled Periotome, 1 straight Elvatome, 1 (2/4) molt, 1 push scalpel handle, 1 Castro X scissors, 1 Castro X needle holder, 1 aspirating syringe, 1 periosteal elevator, 1 Prichard tissue retractor, 1 packer plugger, 1 Perry forceps, 1 Adson tissue forceps, 1 Mayo needle holder and 1 iris scissors.

  • SKU: 38500

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TBS complete surgical kit of 21 instruments includes the follwoing instruments:

Minnesota Retractor, Implant Probe, Mirror Handle, Surgical Bowl, Sinus Plugger, Small Serrated Curette, Micro Serrated Curette, Angled Periotome, Straight Elvatome, Molt 2/4, Scalpel Handle,  Castro X Scissors, Castro X Needle Holder, Aspirating Syringe, Periosteal Elevator, Prichard Tissue Retractor, Packer Plugger, Perry Forceps, Adson Tissue Forceps, Mayo Needle Holder, Iris Scissor.