Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)
Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

Gold Surgical Kit (21 Pack)

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Surgical Kit with Gold Cassette allows dental professionals to conveniently and effectively store, manage and sterilize their surgical instruments.

  • For use in surgical, implant and bone procedures
  • Includes all instruments needed for a surgical setup
  • Sterilizable

Kit Includes:

1 x Minnesota-Cawood Retractor, 1 x Implant Probe, 1 x Mirror Handle, 1 x Surgical Bowl, 1 x Sinus Plugger, 1 x Small Serrated Curette, 1 x Micro Serrated Curette, 1 x Angled Periotome, 1 x Straight Elvatome, 1 x Molt 2/4, 1 x PUSH Scalpel Handle, 1 x Castro X Scissors, 1 x Castro X Needle Holder, 1 x Aspirating Syringe, 1 x Perforrated Periosteal Elevator, 1 x Prichard Tissue Retractor, 1 x Packer Plugger, 1 x Perry Forceps, 1 x Adson Tissue Forceps, 1 x Mayo Needle Holder, 1 x Iris Scissor and 1 x Large Cassette.